VitalIy Gennadievich Leshukov

Vitaliy Gennadievich Leshukov

Vitaliy (Gennadievich) Leshukov was born in the town of Mirgorod on September 20, 1968, to a family of a military pilot Gennadiy (Ivanovich) Leshukov, a Vologda Oblast native.

Vitaliy Leshukov started his career as an artist rather late in his life, at the age of 47. An amazing event that is beyond logical explanation became his starting point as a painter

It all began after a grave car accident, in which Vitaliy was heavily injured and then sunk into a five-day coma which felt like eternity.

During the long days of rehabilitation, he felt a spontaneous, overwhelming desire to paint and create. The lack of professional art education was no obstacle to this new calling. The true passion, the immense industriousness and perseverance fast-tracked Vitaliy to the world of professional painting in a remarkably short time.

Magical, colourful landscapes make the key motive of his oeuvres, the palette-knife being his favourite tool.

Subjects painted in thick dabs of modulating colors convey the feeling of joy and happiness. Vibrant, chiseled layers of paint create the sensation of warmth and vibrancy of the scenery.

Vitaliy Leshukov’s artistic style can be defined as impressionism with a great extent of expression. Light and shadow contrast in his paintings in a peculiar way that makes them stand out as unique and particularly fascinating.

Now, thanks to the talent bestowed upon Vitaliy Leshukov in such an inexplicable way, we are offered a glimpse into the beautiful world of his art.

If you wish to discover Leshukov’s oeuvres, you are welcome to the ART ESTUDIO Gallery, Lloret de Mar, Spain.